Full Service Real Estate Agents

Full Service Real Estate Agents

We offer everything you’d expect from any traditional real estate brokerage, except a high commission!

Save Money. Sell Better.

Most Sellers have been conditioned to accept & pay a 6% commission rate, but did you ever stop and ask yourself where that number come from? The 6% sales model was developed in the 1960s when there was no Zillow, eSignature, Pay-Per-Click Marketing or even a fax machine. In the 1960s the average sales price of Connecticut homes for sale was only $13,400. Fast forward and the average CT home in 2019 sold for $272,404. With most Real Estate Brokers charging a 6% commission that is $16,344 paid in sales commissions on average!

Homes are selling faster and for more money and today’s home buyer (not the agents) control the process more than ever before. We just do not save our clients money. The simple fact is it does not cost us  6% in 2020 to sell your home. We do not think the 1% is “cheap” at all — we think it’s fair. We can provide full service at a reduced listing commission on 1%.

What will you do with the money you save?

All we do is eat, sleep and breath CT real estate. We have sold hundreds of local properties for one simple reason: what we do works. We are experts at digital marketing and we are experienced at selling real estate. All for just a 1% commission real estate selling fee.

Your Dream Home Awaits